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The Artwork of Tony Nicholas (2013)

Tony Nicholas is a Youngstown based artist/photographer/all-around great guy. According to his bio from his company, Downforce Imaging, Tony explains…

“To describe myself quickly is to state that I am a photography addict and the quintessential late bloomer. I thankfully hold a BFA from Youngstown State University and an MFA from The Rochester Institute of Technology. I have some teaching experience at YSU as an adjunct photo instructor 2001-2006. Also worked as a freelance motorsport photographer providing images to the mass media. And I won’t go on any further because you won’t read it anyway :)”

Tony Nicholas, Instagram Photo. October 15, 2015.

When not hanging out with camera in hand, visiting local craft stores for supplies and having ummm…  important “business meetings” with his crew, Tony tries to promote the Youngstown region and all that it has to offer. 

I was introduced to Tony in 2013 when he contacted me about locating some old photos from Youngstown for a fire themed piece of artwork in his Youngstown Series line. To say that I was able to give Tony more material than he could ever possibly use would be an understatement. Thankfully, Tony was able to par down the photos to 13 images and elements to mesh together into what would become Youngstown Series 8 in the Youngstown Series.

Youngstown Series 8 contains 13 different photo elements

  • Axe

  • City fire call box

  • Small firefighter in gear in front of city buildings

  • The city buildings and smoke were part of the cover of the YFD 1914 History

  • Columns of Stambaugh Auditorium on Fifth Ave.

  • Flag background

  • Helmet Shield

  • 1904 Stambaugh Thompson Co Fire on Federal St.

  • Sept 2, 1954 Alarm Response Report for St. Columba Cathedral on Elm St.

  • Photo of city firefighters in front of the Central Station prior to 1932.

  • Firefighter in gear

  • Nozzle

  • Department Identifier from the side of Ladder 22’s ladder

Youngstown Series 8 was used as the cover of the 2013 Youngstown Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 312 26th Annual Retirement and Awards Dinner.

Close up of the detail in the Youngstown Series 8 Print.

Artist Tony Nicholas (left) and Greg Ricker, Webmaster (right) at the 2013 Youngstown Firefighter Dinner Dance.

For more information on Tony Nicholas, visit the following sites:

– I Will Shout Youngstown: The Art of Tony Nicholas
– Etsy Store

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