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YFD Digital Transition (2017)

On Thursday, August 17, 2017, the Youngstown Police and Fire Department began using a new digital radio system. Both departments are now using the existing Austintown-Boardman Joint Radio System. The Youngstown Police Department chose to encrypt all of their radio traffic citing ‘officer safety’ and joining Boardman, Campbell, and Mill Creek Metropark, whom also encrypt most of their traffic.

The Youngstown Fire Department is currently continuing to dispatch units on 154.370MHz but once the trucks go on the air, they report to dispatch nonencrypted on Talkgroup 39170.

Fireground traffic are on the following talkgroups so far:

TG39171 – YFD Fireground 1
TG39172 – YFD Fireground 2

For more information on programming the Austintown-Boardman Joint Radio System, visit the following page on RadioReference.

The live radio feed will be switched over eventually to monitor the digital radio system YFD talkgroups.

Current Talkgroup Identification:


TG39170 – YFD Dispatch
TG39171 – YFD Fireground 1
TG39172 – YFD Fireground 2


TG39500 – Encrypted – YPD Dispatch
TG39501 – Encrypted – YPD Unknown
TG39502 – Encrypted – YPD Channel 2
TG39503 – Encrypted – YPD Channel 5 Emergency
TG39505 – Encrypted – YPD Unknown

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