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Firefighting Ads - Youngstown Style

1944 Republic Rubber Advertisement. Publication Unknown.

Youngstown, Ohio played a major roll over the years in the fire protection industries. Companies like Youngstown Sheet and Tube and Republic Rubber Corporation manufactured steel, hose and other fire related items for departments around the world. General Fireproofing’s focus when it started in 1902 was producing fireproof building products.Many Youngstown based companies advertised for their product in print. Who wouldn’t want to purchase Republic Fire Hose from Republic Rubber Corporation? Perhaps having your truck manufactured out of Yoloy steel produced for the Seagrave Corp of Columbus, Ohio by the Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company was the way to go. If Ahrens Fox Apparatus was good enough to protect the City of Youngstown, wasn’t it good enough for your department as well? Enjoy the following examples of print ads below.

1910 Republic Rubber Co. Advertising Postcard.

April 1918 Republic Fire Hose Advertisement. The American City Publication.

1938 Republic Fire Hose Advertisement. Publication Unknown.

1944 Republic Rubber Advertisement. Publication Unknown.

July 30, 1951 Yoloy Steel from The Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company.

The Youngstown Fire Department and its apparatus were featured in at least two advertisements for fire apparatus.

1948 Ahrens-Fox Advertisement.

2000 Sutphen Fire House Magazine Advertisement.

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