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2011/03/05 – Squad 33 Rollover Accident

Photo by Greg RIcker, Webmaster

At 11:56am on Saturday, March 5, 2011, Engine 6 and Squad 33 were dispatched on what should have been a routine extrication run at McCartney and Lamar on the city’s east side. Engine 6 arrived on scene three minutes after being dispatched. Squad 33 was responding from downtown up Oak Street. At 12:01, Squad 33 was involved in a motor vehicle accident at Oak and N. Medina. According to news reports, the apparatus hit a car after it cut in front of the truck. The truck then jumped the curb, and rolled over one time before coming to rest on its wheels in a nearby yard. Shaken firefighters managed to radio for help and Battalion 1, Shop 1, Fire Control and EMS responded. The squad truck which was delivered on September 19, 2002, was heavily damaged. The three firefighters staffing the squad were transported to local hospitals with minor injuries and released that day. The driver of the car was also transported.

YPD Municipal Ambulance. Photo dated 1946.

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Compressed audio beginning 03/05/2016. 

Photographer Unknown

Photos by Dean DeMain

Photos by Greg Ricker, Webmaster.

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