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Central Fire Station (Station 1 (A))

Central Fire Station pre-1914.

Central Fire Station pre-1914.

Station Designation:

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Construction Began:

Construction End:

Date Opened:

Date Closed:

Number of Bays:

Apparatus Stationed:

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Service Status:

Structure Status:

Central Fire Station (Station 1 (A))

W. Boardman St. and S. Hazel St., Youngstown, Ohio 44503

Charles H. Owsley of Owsley and Boucherle in Youngstown, Ohio



April 14, 1932


No 1 Engine, Hose Co No 1, Chemical Co No1, Truck Co B



Additional Information:

The Central Fire Station was a sight to see. It was one of the most impressive stations in the city's history. Construction was completed in 1894 on the same spot the Gov. Tod engine House first sat. It quartered the chief and asst. chiefs offices. It was condemned and closed April 14, 1932. It would be demolished shortly after.

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