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Station No. 2 (B)

Station Designation:

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Construction Began:

Construction End:

Date Opened:

Date Closed:

Number of Bays:

Apparatus Stationed:

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Service Status:

Structure Status:

Station No. 2 (B)

1000 Oak St (Between N Fruit St. and Albert St.)

Mahoning Valley Construction Co.

March 25, 1950

September 8, 1980


Engine 2


Still Standing

Additional Information:

This brick one story firehouse was officially dedicated on April 1, 1950. The fire department had been responding out of the station since March 25th. It is a mirror image of Station 5 build less than a year prior. The station closed September 8, 1980 and still stands today. It has housed a minimum security prison and a local crime watch substation. $50,000 was allocated for the new station.

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