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Station No. 3 (D)

Station Designation:

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Construction Began:

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Date Opened:

Date Closed:

Number of Bays:

Apparatus Stationed:

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Service Status:

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Station No. 3 (D)

571 N. Belle Vista Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 44509

Faniro Architects

May 26, 1992


Engine 3, Spare Engine, Rescue 3


Still Standing

Additional Information:

Station 3 was officially opened on May 26th of 1992 but was operating for a week prior. Built at a cost of $450,000, this station is a consolidation of stations 5 on the north side of town and 10 on the west side. Between 1992 and 2018, Engine 3 was stationed at this location. For a brief time, one of the spare engines was also located at Station 3. In October 2018, Engine 3 was disbanded and the personnel assigned to other companies. Squad 33 from downtown was relocated at the same time to Station 3. After a short time, Engine 3 began responding as Rescue 3. This station's equipment is first due at the Salt Springs Industrial Park.

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