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Station No. 4

Station Designation:

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Construction Began:

Construction End:

Date Opened:

Date Closed:

Number of Bays:

Apparatus Stationed:

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Service Status:

Structure Status:

Station No. 4

Falls Ave near Oak Hill Ave.

Owsley and Boucharle

December 1896

March 29, 1972


Hose Company No. 4, Squad 1



Additional Information:

Station 4 was one of three identical stations built near the turn of the century. Opened in December of 1896, the station sat on the south side of Falls Ave. near Oak Hill. The architect for all three station was Owsley and Boucharle, a firm still in existence today. The basement of this station housed room for the department veterinary. The station was closed March 29, 1972 and sat vacant. After much debate by local residents as to whether the building was historic and should be preserved or an eyesore and demolished, the latter won out and the building was razed in May of 1975.

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