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Station No. 6 (A)

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Date Opened:

Date Closed:

Number of Bays:

Apparatus Stationed:

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Station No. 6 (A)

Wilson Ave near Jackson St.

Owsley and Boucharle

December 9, 1896

November 28, 1960

1 originally then expanded to 2

Hose and Engine Company No. 6



Additional Information:

When this station went into service on December 9, 1896, it was identical to stations 4 and 5 (A). The station resided on the southside of Wilson Ave. near Jackson. As time progress the city saw the need for additional equipment due to the long distances from the other stations by horse to this area. A second bay was added to house a steamer. The station was closed on November 28, 1960 when the new Station 6 (B) opened and demolished sometime after. This station was often referred to as the Hazelton Fire Station.

Photo Gallery

Station 6 Before Demolition Photos

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