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Station No. 9 (A)

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Station No. 9 (A)

1900 E. Midlothian Blvd, Youngstown, Ohio 44502. (Between Sheridan and Irma)

July 1922

October 1923

Monday, March 3, 2014


Engine 9


Still Standing

Additional Information:

Up until the completion of YFD Station Number 9, the station nine designation had been reserved for an additional downtown fire house. In old YFD publications, you will see station 1 and station 9 as a combined house at the corners of Boardman and Hazel Streets. Plans were in the works to open a second downtown fire house and designate it as station 9. Some of the Youngstown Vindicator and Youngstown Telegram articles in the early part of the 1920's occasionally referred to this station as station 12 which would have been the next number station to be built. Instead the fire department gave it the reserved Station 9 designation. Construction on the fire house was completed in July of 1922 along with the completion of the moving of Station 3 on the Northside. The department would only have the manpower and budget for one station to open and Station 3 won out. Between the time of the completion of the number nine firehouse, it was home to the Brownlee Woods Branch of the Youngstown and Mahoning County Public Library System. Once their building was completed, the library moved out and the city was now in position to open the much awaited firehouse. Finally in October of 1923, the Vindicator announced the opening of the Pine Hollow Fire Station equipped with "a combination ladder and hose truck and a crew of eight men working two shifts." So excited were the residents of the area, neighbors planned a house warming for the new firemen. The station is sometimes mentioned as the Brownlee Woods fire house or the Pine Hollow Fire Station. Pine Hollow was the name for a park that sat where I-680 now runs. In 2008, there was talk about building a new station to replace Station 9 off of Shady Run Road near Midlothian on city owned Pemberton Park property. The plan never entered the construction phase. In 2012, talks to build a new station again materialized. This time the location chosen would be 2 blocks west of their current station on Midlothian on the city owned Ipes Field property. In 2013, the city broke ground for a new Station 9 at Ipes Field. The new station was completed and went into service on Monday, March 3, 2014. The station was sold on September 19, 2015 and turned into a private residence.

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